Waiting on God

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Waiting on God is not always easy; especially when you have to wait for longer than you thought you had to. I have had my share of waiting. It starts with confidence that God will bring His promises to pass and that He will fulfill the desires He has put in your heart. Then time passes by; a year and then another. You keep hoping and believing but the hope wanes as time passes by. Then you start wondering why God is not making it happen because you know that He can make it happen in a moment. It seems that everyone around you keeps getting the blessing that you are praying and believing God for. Not only that but they get it so easily and they don’t even pray for it; it just happens for them.

When you are waiting on God, do not look at each day that passes as another day that the promise/s of God in your life have not been fulfilled; look at it as a day closer to God’s promise being fulfilled. This is because as long as God said it, it will definitely happen. His word will not return to Him void but it will accomplish the purpose for which He sent it. I see a pattern in the Bible where those who waited for long birthed greatness. The area of barrenness in your life (whatever it is) is the area in which God’s greatness will be manifested.

Over and over we see that barren women had to wait for longer but God always gave them a child and that child changed history. Elizabeth was barren and after a long time God gave her John the Baptist. Manoah’s wife was barren and God gave her Samson. Sarah was barren and God gave her Isaac. I have learnt that as I wait on the Lord, He works on me and changes me. I have learnt that only Jesus can fully satisfy.

I think that the greater blessing is to be content and fulfilled even before receiving what you are believing God for.

Be encouraged today; waiting on the Lord is not in vain. Keep praying, keep believing and keep working on the vision God has given you.

Habakkuk 2:3 NLT

This vision is for a future time.
    It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled.
If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently,
    for it will surely take place.
    It will not be delayed.

God bless you!