Believe What God Says About You


Believe God

People will not always agree with what God says about you. Believe God more than you believe people. You should not let other people’s opinions lead you into not believing who God says you are and what He says you can do. The Bible shows us how different people rose above the labels put on them by men because they believed what God said about them. Do not allow people or the devil to label you.

The Bible says that Leah had weak/dull eyes and Rachel was beautiful (Genesis 29:16 – 17). The name Leah is derived from the Hebrew name meaning weary or dull. Her name signified weariness (Ellicott’s Commentary). Leah had heard people tell her that she had dull eyes ever since she was born. Year after year she heard that her eyes were dull and that became her reality. Maybe when her parents looked at her at birth and saw that her eyes were not as bright as would normally be expected, they decided to name her by the quality of her eyes.

Sometimes people label us according to facts or our past. Man judges by the outward appearance but God sees us for who He created us to be and He knows the greatness He has placed within us. That is why it is important to listen to who God says you are and believe Him. I wonder what would have happened if Leah had asked God for a new name that was in line with how God saw her. It is deeper than just Leah’s eyes in the natural. It is about how Leah saw herself spiritually. You have to see yourself how God sees you in order to overcome everything that is in the way of your God given destiny.

The Bible shows us how God changed people’s names in accordance with the destiny He had for them and He was leading them into. God gave Abram the name Abraham (Genesis 17:4 – 5). Abraham means “father of many nations” and it came to pass that Abraham became the father of many through Isaac his son. God gave Jacob the name Israel (Genesis 32:28). The name Israel was in line with the destiny God had for him as an over comer as opposed to his old name Jacob that meant deceiver.

Have a conversation with God

You cannot step into the destiny God has for you and experience all the greatness that is meant for you if you do not reject the identity that is not in line with God’s truth about you.

Jabez had been given a name that meant pain. He prayed to God and asked Him to keep him from all trouble and pain. God granted His request (1st Chronicles 4:9 – 10). He refused to accept a label given by man no matter what his past was and no matter how much pain he might have caused.

It’s not about denying the facts or the past. It is about asking God to show you who He created you to be and believing what He says about you instead of what people have labeled you to be.

God bless you!


2 thoughts on “Believe What God Says About You

  1. God bless you my dearest friend. The write up challenged me to see myself as a child of God and ñot what the World defines me as a woman.


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