Every Moment is a Miracle


God is in the normal routine of your life. Stop waiting for a special day or a big event; see the fingerprints of God in your life every day. God can send you that miracle you have been believing Him for as you take breakfast in the morning as much as He can do it in the middle of a worship service. Your life will be fulfilling and you will be more grateful when you fully live in the truth that He recorded every moment of your life long before you were born (Psalm 139:16). He recorded this very moment that you are reading this and He recorded a later moment when perhaps you will be praying and His presence will be so real, almost tangible.

Jesus made His disciples breakfast one day (John 21:1 – 13). They came from a night of working hard fishing and found Jesus had prepared fish and bread for their breakfast. A simple breakfast with Jesus is such a beautiful fulfilling moment. That I can experience the presence of God when enjoying breakfast as I talk to Jesus, and also enjoy His presence during a prayer session with friends makes me enjoy every moment of my life.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, God is in that moment. He is either sending you what you need or using you as an answer to prayer for somebody. You might even be the sign that somebody needs right now. Jesus sent his disciples to prepare the room where they would have the last supper. They were to follow a man carrying a pitcher of water (Luke 22:8 – 13). To that man, it was probably another normal day, and maybe at a “job” he was beginning to hate. But that day, as he carried out his duties, he was a sign to the disciples that they were on the right track. You are somebody’s miracle even in what seems to be the mundane moments of life.

Jesus once multiplied a little boy’s meal of two fish and five loaves and fed 5000 men. I wonder if the young boy’s mother (or whoever packed the lunch) knew that as she packed her boy’s lunch, she was packing a miracle. She was being a loving mother and God was using that moment to perform a miracle (John 6: 5 – 13).

Jesus is always looking to have us recognize His presence in our normal. Jesus performed many miracles and some, if not most, started with Him meeting the people in the normal activities of their lives.

God bless you!


2 thoughts on “Every Moment is a Miracle

  1. God help me to never take anything moment for granted but to seize every minute as a miracle..with such a perspective familiarity with God can never occur as we know that by living through our ordinary lives God is still performing miracles every second..minute or hour.


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