God of Seasons


God works with time and seasons and it reaches a point where God wants you to move on to something else or you complete an assignment He had for you. When this time comes, don’t keep holding on to something because of how the Lord has used it to bless your life in the past. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

There was once a famine in Israel and God commanded Elijah to go to a brook from which he could drink water and ravens would feed him there. After a while, the brook dried up. It was time for Elijah to leave the brook. God gave him new instructions on where he was to go next and there a widow would feed him. If Elijah remained at the brook after it dried up, he would have been out of the Lord’s will in a place where He was once in God’s perfect will. When we obey God, we are in His will. (See 1st Kings 17:1-5)

The Lord commands a blessing where He sends you. Are you where the Lord has sent you? If God wants you to move to a new job, stop holding on to your present job because you enjoy working there or you are familiar with it and don’t want to leave your comfort zone. When that brook has dried up, it will no longer be a blessing to you. Move to the place God wants you to go next for there He has commanded a blessing for you.

May the Lord help us to be discerning to know that when the brook He sent us to dries up, it does not always mean that it is an attack of the enemy. It could be that God has new blessings and assignments for us to enjoy. If you wake up one day and realize that the brook that God sent you to has dried up, do not panic. The brook drying up might manifest as you being unhappy at your job after having worked there for so long; or you feel like you need to move geographically because you are unsettled in your spirit after having happily lived in a certain place for long or whatever else it is.

Go before the Lord and listen. You will hear Him tell you what He has for you next. He probably has already told you but the brook is familiar, you are used to it; it is predictable and moving to a new place/thing is a bit scary. But no matter what, you should obey God.

God bless you!


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