God Loves the Authentic You

Be the Authentic You

That I can be myself and real with God is one of the best things ever. God loves the real me not the version of me I might sometimes pretend to be. God loves me.

There is a time I had started to worship God and pray and I realized I was trying to be holier in my singing for whatever reason. It is actually funny just thinking about it. Then I realized that God wants me to be myself. That is why He created each person different from the next one. When I am honest with God and myself, flaws and all, there is such a beautiful breakthrough and fellowship that comes from that as God rejoices in the person He created me to be and changes the parts of me that are still not like Him as He works on my character.

The other day I found myself thinking about how I cannot impress God. He is pleased with me because I am in Christ but impressing Him by pretending to be someone or something I am not just won’t work. He knows me; He created me and formed my innermost being. I cannot impress Him by pretending to be someone I’m not or by trying to do things a certain way to get His attention. He loved me before I ever did anything right. Praying a certain way that feels more religious won’t work if I stop being myself in God’s presence and try to pray or behave like someone else. I do not need to pretend to be better than I actually am in God’s presence.

At that time Abijah son of Jeroboam became ill, and Jeroboam said to his wife, “Go, disguise yourself, so you won’t be recognized as the wife of Jeroboam. Then go to Shiloh. Ahijah the prophet is there—the one who told me I would be king over this people. Take ten loaves of bread with you, some cakes and a jar of honey, and go to him. He will tell you what will happen to the boy.” So Jeroboam’s wife did what he said and went to Ahijah’s house in Shiloh.

Now Ahijah could not see; his sight was gone because of his age. But the Lord had told Ahijah, “Jeroboam’s wife is coming to ask you about her son, for he is ill, and you are to give her such and such an answer. When she arrives, she will pretend to be someone else.”

So when Ahijah heard the sound of her footsteps at the door, he said, “Come in, wife of Jeroboam. Why this pretense?

1st Kings 14:1-6 NIV (emphasis mine)

In this passage, Jeroboam sent his wife to Ahijah the prophet to ask the Lord what would happen to his son who was ill. He asked his wife to disguise herself so that the prophet Ahijah would not recognize her. Probably because of the sin of Jeroboam because He knew that God was displeased. So his wife went to see the prophet pretending to be someone else. God revealed to Ahijah that Jeroboam’s wife would come and she would pretend to be somebody else.

Sometimes we come to God and pretend to be something that we are not and cover up our sin disguising ourselves. But God knows us and He loves us. He longs to fellowship with the real us that He created. Whatever it is, don’t cover it up; He knows you and loves you. He wants to fellowship with the authentic you and to help you along this journey of life.

Be real with God and watch your relationship with Him grow deeper.

God Bless You!



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